About the band

Frequently mis-spelled as The Joe Mangles, The Joe Mangels were formed in 2009 and are described as 'possibly the second (or actually, maybe third) best tribute to a cover band that the world has ever seen'.

The Joe Mangels are a fun-fuelled festival band, vandalising timeless classics in their own "if it ain't broke, break it" style. They pride themselves in reducing three hours of pop, easy listening and country music into 90 minutes of rock 'n pop 'n punk 'n roll. If Carlsberg did cover bands, they probably wouldn't sound like this!         


Playing mainly festivals, pubs, clubs, theatres, back gardens, living rooms and anywhere with an electricity supply, notable supports to date include Big Country and The Jam.



Punk/Pop/Country/Easy Listening outfit The Joe Mangels were formed in the early 1920's and are best known for their prolific songwriting - songs which would go on to become classic hits for the likes of Elton John, The Eagles, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.


The Band name, originally "Jim Fitness & the Fabulous Joe Mangel Bros", was shortened to "The Joe Mangel Bros", then lengthened slightly to "The Fabulous Joe Mangels" and eventually shortened again to "The Joe Mangels".

The Joe Mangels have been described as "smashing" by some people.


*may not be factually correct

The Joe Mangels in the swingin' 50's

A few bands we've played with . . .

Big Country, Dirtbox Disco, From the Jam, Scocha, Sex Pistols Experience, The Cundeez, Argy Bargy, Big Fat Panda, Bruce Watson, Frightened Rabbit, Crashed Out